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Brew Mama Herbalism

"My business is ever changing. Eyecandy brings each of my ideas to life with top of the line design and marketing that fits my business model and appeals to changing trends. I can't image a new idea without Eyecandy bringing it to life."

Angie Kiser-Brown, Owner
Brew Mama Herbalism
Brew Mama Herbalism hired eyecandy creative to design a corporate identity, as well as 14 tea box labels, 14 sample tea bag labels, and 2 honey labels for as herbal tea line. The label wraps around a 3x3x4” brown corrugated, recycled box. Eyecandy Creative designed a different image for each of the 14 flavors, while keeping the overall layout consistent for brand recognition purposes.  A fairytale type font was used in the corporate name, and overall whimsical design reflects the strong, confident woman.

Brew Mama Herbalism can be found on Etsy.


Corporate Identity