Chris Hannan

"I have used Eyecandy for more than 10 years for all of my graphic design and printing needs. Lisa is a true visionary when it comes to my design needs. Eyecandy delivers every time on time and with precision."

Chris Hannan
Chris Hannan, Owner

"Eyecandy Creative and Lisa Arbogast designed a rack card and a business card to help me grow my safari business throughout Kenya. Lisa's strong sense of cultural awareness made the delivery of my message to the Kenyan market seamless. She went above and beyond to learn about the Kenyan marketplace, and positioned my business with ease. I will always use Eyecandy Creative for my design needs."

Gordon Otieno, Owner

"Eyecandy Creative does a great deal of OPAF's graphic design. We LOVE their work!"

Robin Burton, OPAF Executive Director

"Eyecandy Creative was on point with every design I requested. The ease of working with this firm was simply amazing!"

Booke Artesi, Owner

"Eyecandy Creative turned my job around so quickly! Lisa provided me with exactly what I asked for in no time."

Scott Lackey, Owner

"I LOVED the way everything for Opal Star Strategies came together. Working with Lisa Arbogast was an easy collaboration. She was able to take my jumbled ideas and come up with such terrific products!"

Tami Jones, Owner

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Happy Hens design! You are the best!"

Michelle Arbogast, Owner

"My business is ever changing. Eyecandy brings each of my ideas to life with top of the line design and marketing that fits my business model and appeals to changing trends. I can't image a new idea without Eyecandy bringing it to life."

Angie Kiser-Brown, Owner